What we do

We help clients to analyse markets and base their strategies on sound economics.  Our techniques can be complex, but our advice is succinct, clear and honest.

Our work tackles the intricate relationships between companies, markets and public policy.  We support a wide range of clients including companies, charities, government, regulators and other public bodies.  We help them with the most interesting, topical and high-profile issues that they face. Our expertise is broad.  We use micro-economics to unpick competitive dynamics, market structures, pricing, cost functions and consumer behaviour.  And we apply financial analysis, statistical modelling, game theory and behavioural economics to turn data into practical advice.

We know that our clients want clear and straight forward advice, from people they trust.  So we distil complex issues to focus on what really matters. We help clients make credible arguments and good decisions, backed up by strong evidence.  We have built long-term relationships with many clients.  They value our independence and honesty, and rely on us to give them the advice they need when faced with challenging problems.

You might expect Gus O’Donnell to look out of place in the ultra-modern offices of Frontier Economics. Instead of the musty leather and mouse droppings of Westminster, he sits in an open-plan office with glass walls, modern art and bright young graduates eating granola and playing table football in the communal kitchen.

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