We strive to be a socially responsible company

At Frontier, we care about making a difference, both for clients and the wider community.

Why do we do this? It’s simple really. Frontier is owned and run by its employees, so making sure Frontier has a positive impact on the wider community reflects what the people who work at Frontier feel passionate about. As economists, we recognise that by giving sound advice, not only do clients benefit, but so do we: whether by enhancing our skills, working in a new area, or just having the chance to meet new people.

Ultimately our work in this area helps to make Frontier an employer that all staff are proud to work for. This means we try to make a positive impact on society. We do that in several ways:

  • We provide our consultancy services to charities pro bono.
  • We look for ways to minimise the impact we have on the environment.
  • We support the community where we live and work and contribute to charities that make a difference to people’s lives.
  • We create and maintain a working environment that supports and values our people.
  • And we always make sure that that the way we work is consistent with high ethical standards.