Frontier contributes chapter to GAR’s second edition of The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration

Wynne Jones, Christoph Riechmann, Nick Elms and Stefan Lochner, dispute experts in Frontier’s Energy Practice, have contributed a chapter to Global Arbitration Review’s (GAR) second edition of The Guide to Damages in International Arbitration. The chapter, Damages in Gas and Electricity Arbitrations, is published here as an extract from the whole publication, first published in December 2017, and available here.

The chapter describes the features of the power and gas sectors that add complexity to damage calculations.  It then describes techniques applied in calculating damages in the two sectors, including best practice in using appropriate price comparators, and market simulations. The chapter concludes that “Although the estimation [of damages in the power and gas sectors] is often complex, approaches can be applied to simplify the task.

GAR is a resource for international arbitration news and research. The Guide is a reference for all aspects of damages, covering legal principles, valuation techniques and how to apply them to specific industries, and other topics such as the weighted average cost of capital, tax and currency.

Frontier has a number of experts who provide written and oral testimony on commercial and investor-state arbitrations, and other forms of dispute resolution.  Our experts provide testimony on both the merits of the case and on the quantum of damages.

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