Our Pro bono work

The voluntary and charity sectors play important roles in providing services for those most in need in our society and advocating on their behalf. Through our pro bono work we also aim to make a strong positive contribution to those who are in greater need. We work with partners on a wide range of causes both in the UK and internationally and add new partners every year.

Our pro bono work demonstrates why Frontier is different. We actively encourage everyone to help charities as it benefits those who give and those who receive. It is fun, interesting and profitable in the widest sense.

Gus O'Donnell, Chairman Frontier Economics

We make the best use of economics to ensure our pro bono work has as much impact as any other project. We have set up a dedicated pool of days solely for pro bono projects to ensure it remains a priority at Frontier. We encourage all members of Frontier’s team to get involved, from our senior Directors to our new analysts.

We help charities by doing what we do best – using economic analysis to help them evaluate the social impact of their services and articulate the wider benefits of their actions. We find that this expertise is often particularly valuable in the charity and voluntary sectors. Please browse our pages on the left to find out more about how we have added value for charities in the past:

  • Evaluating the social impact of the charity sector
  • Helping charities use behavioural techniques to improve outcomes
  • Helping articulate clear aims and objectives of your charity


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