Our technology work

Technological advance is constant. But the pace and breadth of change has increased recently. Harnessing and adapting to these changes has never been more important. Both the private and public sectors must make informed decisions and develop strategies if they are to benefit fully from new technology. Frontier can help them do this.

Several factors — high-speed connectivity, cheaper and more powerful computing resources, and the ability to collect and analyse vast quantities of data — have propelled a digital revolution that is creating new markets and business models, and disrupting existing ones.

We really enjoyed working collaboratively with Frontier to find creative solutions to complex problems. I was extremely impressed by their high levels of technical expertise and professionalism.

Mark Purdy, Chief Economist, Accenture

These changes are evident throughout the economy. Information technology companies are among today’s industrial giants, and companies, workers, and nations that use digital technologies effectively will outperform those that don’t. Together with aerospace, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and other technical services, the technology sector fuels economic growth and productivity- directly and indirectly.

Our technology practice regularly advises companies in the technology sector, the governments and regulators that shape those markets, and both private and public sector actors that use and are influenced by digital technologies.

By applying economic tools, rigorous quantitative analysis, and by adopting a pragmatic approach, we help our clients meet the challenges of a constantly evolving technology. We have a deep understanding of the commercial dynamics of technology markets and draw on our policy, strategy, commercial and competition expertise to deliver practical solutions.

We advise on:

  • shaping technology and innovation policy;
  • formulating digital technology strategies;
  • developing effective regulatory policies; and
  • enabling competition in technology markets.