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  • The contribution of the publishing industry to the UK economy

    A report for the UK Publishers Association

  • Estimating the impact of the October 2015 increase in the apprentice rate

    Frontier Economics was commissioned by the Low Pay Commission (LPC) to study the impact of the 2015 increase in the Apprentice Rate (AR) on the number and characteristics of apprenticeships in the United Kingdom.

  • Rabbit in the headlights

    Regulatory headwinds facing the uk motor finance sector

  • Dance to the music of sales

    RETAIL STRATEGIES FOR MAKING THE BEST OF BLACK FRIDAY Barely known this side of the Atlantic a decade ago, Black Friday has shaken up the UK pre-Christmas retail scene, adding a new operational peak and leaving many retailers struggling to keep their pricing, branding and supply chain operations intact. With this customer event now embedded […]

  • Eckpfeiler eines schweizerischen Strommarktdesigns nach 2020

    Der Strommarkt in der Schweiz und ganz Europa befindet   sich   in   einem   grundlegenden   Wandel:

  • Working towards a smoke-free England

    A report prepared for Philip Morris Limited

  • Getting choosy

    This bulletin is the first in a series of “Future Thinking” updates on the changing elements in the public policy debate, and how these should help to inform corporate and government decisions in areas such as health and social care, education and skills, productivity growth, trade and migration.

  • The benefits of reducing Air Passenger Duty on domestic routes

    Heathrow has commissioned Frontier Economics to consider the potential impact of a reduction in Air Passenger Duty (APD) on domestic UK routes. Our research is part of the airport’s „Bringing Britain Closer“ project, which assesses options how to connect more of the UK to global growth and prepare the economy out of London for Brexit.

  • Eine kritische Analyse der Mindestpreise im europäischen Emmissionshandelssystem

    Von verschiedenen Seiten wurde die Einführung eines Mindestpreises für die im EU ETS gehandelten CO2-Zertifikate gefordert. Im Auftrag der RWE AG untersuchen wir in dieser Kurzstudie potentielle Auswirkungen und zeigen, warum nationale bzw. regionale CO2 – Mindestpreise dem europäischen Ansatz des EU ETS widersprechen und keine zusätzliche Klimawirkung haben.

  • Frontier Trade Policy paper: Through a glass, darkly?

    Recent developments at the Conservative party’s conference have done little to reduce uncertainty over the UK Government’s aims for trade policy post-Brexit, adding to the frustration expressed by some business groups.

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