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  • Costs and benefits of new approaches to British electricity transmission access

    Today Ofgem, Britain’s energy and gas regulator, published a report by Frontier (Europe) presenting analysis of how proposed changes to the way new generation would access the British electricity transmission system might affect the costs of managing congestion on the system.

  • Expanding electricity generation: the new Colombian model

    Dr Fernando Barrera, Associate Director in our Madrid office, addressed the Colombian Electricity Annual Conference on the recently created reliability auctions.

  • Competition in mobile markets

    Lasse Nagel, a consultant at Frontier (Europe), gave a presentation at the ITS MENA Conference 2009 on “Telecommunications in the Broader Society: Maximising the Benefits and Reducing the Risks”, held in the Kingdom of Bahrain (26-28 October 2009).

  • BAA sells Gatwick Airport

    BAA has agreed to sell Gatwick Airport to Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) for £1.51bn.

  • Ruling the waves – spectrum and competition in the mobile sector

    George Houpis, director of the telecoms practice at Frontier (Europe), presented at the 2009 “Communications and Competition Law” conference on spectrum and competition in the mobile sector.

  • Tesco introduces “Buy one get one free – later

    Tesco has pledged to introduce “Buy One Get One Free – Later” and to help households lower their energy bills among a string of new measures to help consumers and suppliers reduce their carbon emissions.

  • Fifteenth Euroforum Conference on German Gas Market

    Euroforum, one of the leading German conference organisers and part of Informa plc, held its fifteenth annual conference on German natural gas market (Jahrestagung Erdgas) from 12-14 October 2009 in Berlin.

  • 8th Conference on Applied Infrastructure Research

    The 8th Conference on Applied Infrastructure Research was held at the Technical University of Berlin on 09-10 October 2009.

  • Workshop on interconnection regulation in Ukraine

    Frontier (Europe) led a workshop on interconnection regulation in Ukraine and presented on best practice regulation of fixed and mobile interconnection services.

  • Issues in merger analysis of power markets

    Dr Fernando Barrera, Associate Director in Frontier Europe’s Madrid office, addressed the Colombian Energy Competition Law Conference in Bogotá on merger analysis in power markets.

  • The role of future energy networks

    Ofgem has just published a report by Frontier (Europe) that looks at how network regulation might respond to the need to deliver a secure low carbon economy.

  • Urban water entitlements and markets: how can they help our cities?

    Unprecedented challenges in securing water supplies to Australia’s cities in response to drought and climate change are making governments, water providers and communities re-think traditional approaches to urban water management.

  • International trends in retail competition in the electricity market

    Dr Fernando Barrera, Associate Director in Frontier Europe’s Madrid office, addressed the Colombian Electricity Supply Annual Conference in Bogotá on the subject of international trends in retail competition and the lessons for the Colombian regulator’s proposal on energy auctions for regulated supply.

  • Does the regulation of English hospitals offer value for money?

    Monitor have published a report by Frontier (Europe), looking at the value for money of some of its regulatory activities.

  • First NEREC Research Conference on electronic communications

    The Network for Economic Research on Electronic Communications (NEREC) held its first Annual Conference on European Electronic Communications from 11-12 September 2009 in Madrid.

  • Trinidad and Tobago consultation on telecoms costing methodologies

    The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has launched a public consultation on its proposed long run average incremental cost (LRAIC) models and current cost accounting (CCA) approach for fixed and mobile operators.

  • Do universal banks need special regulatory treatment?

    Following the recent financial crisis, a number of commentators attribute particular blame for the crisis to universal banks and are advocating special regulatory treatment of such banks in the future.

  • New Handbook on Utility Management

    Energy transmission operation needs address increasing challenges resulting from new EU regulations, regulatory pressures to enhance efficiency and political moves to promote and integrate renewable energies.

  • UK Competition Commission recommends grocery Ombudsman

    Today, the UK Competition Commission (CC) formally recommended to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) that it should establish an Ombudsman to arbitrate on disputes between grocery retailers and suppliers and investigate complaints under the new Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP).

  • ANCOM publishes its proposal for sector regulation

    The Romanian Telecommunications regulator (ANCOM) has published a draft decision on the future regulation of fixed retail telephony markets.

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