Forecasting A&E activity: be prepared this Christmas

With the winter season upon us, Accident & Emergency (A&E) managers and commissioners alike will be keeping a watchful eye over A&E activity and the corresponding resource requirements. Frontier (Europe) has today published a new A&E planner that could help staff and managers of A&E departments better predict and prepare for pressures on activity. This in turn could help prevent some of the damaging scenarios for A&E that have been discussed in the media from materialising.

The planner draws on Frontier’s research for NHS England, which found strongly predictable patterns influencing A&E activity, in particular relating to day of the week, month of the year and bank holidays. Such patterns can be used to predict likely A&E crunch points over the coming year. Knowing when an A&E department is likely to be busy will help A&E managers to plan staffing levels accordingly. For instance, this Christmas, Frontier’s analysis suggests there will be both peaks and troughs in A&E activity, allowing staff to enjoy at least some of the festive season.

Frontier (Europe) regularly advises public and third sector clients on issues relating to healthcare and public policy.

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