Frontier report finds significant benefits from improving energy efficiency in private rented properties

Citizens Advice, a network of UK charities, has today published a Frontier report assessing the impact of introducing minimum energy efficiency standards on tenants in the private rented sector in the UK.

Citizens Advice provides advice on topics such as debt, pensions and housing to improve policies and practices that affect people’s lives. They commissioned Frontier to estimate the costs and benefits of energy efficiency improvements in private rented properties. The report examines both the direct costs and benefits to tenants of implementing minimum energy efficiency standards, as well as the wider effects such as the impact on the supply of rental housing.

The analysis finds that the costs of energy efficiency improvements are likely to be outweighed by energy cost savings. These energy savings are likely to be significant, especially for homes with the lowest energy efficiency rating (G-rated), which could see reductions in energy costs of up to 38%. The analysis also suggests significant health and wellbeing benefits, especially for tenants in fuel poverty, who may currently be under-heating their homes. These benefits are likely to accrue directly to tenants, and also bring wider social benefits such as savings to the NHS.

Frontier regularly advises public and private sector clients on the impact of energy policy.

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