Frontier speaks in Budapest on information exchange between companies

Frontier Economics and Bassola Law hosted an event today in Budapest on information exchange between companies and the limits of market transparency.

Competition authorities have increasingly raised concerns about the nature of information exchanged between firms. Mette Alfter (Associate Director in Frontier’s competition practice) and Dr. Bálint Bassola (attorney-at-law specialising in competition law at Bassola Law) discussed the potential positive and negative effects of information exchange, explained how information exchange is assessed from an economic and legal perspective, and how this fits with the approach set out in the guidelines of the European Commission (EC).

Mette and Bálint also offered thoughts on the recent EC information exchange cases in the area of wholesale financial services such as the LIBOR and EURIBOR investigations, where it may be more ambiguous whether the information that is being shared is for benign or malign reasons.

Frontier regularly advises on competition issues across Europe.

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