Frontier speaks on self-consumption of solar energy at a conference in Paris

Michael Zähringer and Catherine Galano, managers in Frontier’s Energy team, today gave a presentation at the “Photovoltaic self-consumption: regulatory frameworks and business models” conference hosted by the German-French office for the Energy Transition in Paris.

Michael and Catherine discussed the challenges raised by self-consumption of solar energy for electricity networks. Self-consumption is when the generated energy is directly consumed by a grid-connected photovoltaic electricity producer, rather than being sent to the grid. They compared the arrangements for grid access for self-consumption in France and Germany, and discussed the trade-offs between promotion of roll-out and risks for network financing when designing a tariff structure for self-consumption.

The German-French office for the Energy Transition is an information and networking platform on the energy transition in Germany and France. Their objective is to exchange know-how on the development of renewable energies and their integration into the energy system between French and German actors.

Frontier regularly advises public and private sector clients on energy and regulatory issues across Europe.

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