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Clive Kenny

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Clive has over 14 years of experience as a professional economist. He specialises in helping telecommunications and media clients manage regulatory, competition and public policy issues.

In the telecommunications sector, Clive has advised regulators and operators in the fixed and mobile sectors around the world. In the media sector, he has advised broadcasters and regulators in media policy, regulation and on competition cases. Clive joined Frontier from Ofcom, where he was a senior associate economist. He has a Masters in Economics from Sydney University, and a Masters in EU Competition Law from King’s College.


Clive has helped clients in the telecommunications sector to influence policy, competition and regulatory decisions.  Examples of his work include:

  • Helping mobile and fixed line operators influence regulatory policy, including spectrum policy, design and implementation of charge controls, or the application of ex ante regulation.
  • Advising fixed or mobile operators and competition authorities in designing and applying competition policy, and providing economic analysis in competition law investigations.
  • Helping regulators perform market reviews in telecoms markets.
  • Assisting regulators design spectrum policy and providing auction advice.
  • Advising mobile operators when seeking competition approval for mergers and joint ventures.

Clive’s brings to bear his experience in telecommunications markets around the world to provide clear, insightful and persuasive advice, based on rigorous analysis.

Clive is experienced in providing economic advice in media markets to help clients with regulatory, competition and public policy issues. Examples of his recent work include:

  • Advising competition authorities and media clients in abuse of dominance investigations
  • Assisting the BBC seek regulatory approval for new services
  • Assessing the economic contribution of the broadcasters to outcomes in the wider creative industries
  • Advising clients in disputes over the retransmission of free to air channels
  • Designing and delivering a course to media regulators on regulatory issues related to digital terrestrial TV services

Clive’s experience in media markets around the world means he understands that the sector’s unique economic features and rapid technological change mean that every project requires bespoke analytical solutions. He helps his clients build credible and persuasive arguments, grounded in sound economic theory and robust analysis of data.