Applying behavioural science to customer strategy

Our behavioural economics work brings a unique dimension to analysing customer behaviour and to developing innovative customer-based solutions.  We also apply a rigorous ‘test and learn’ approach when testing new ideas.

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A media company was disappointed by the numbers of customers opting to receive e-mails and other communications. Without being able to send customers personal emails, it had limited ability to draw customers’ attention to new services and engage with them. They wanted to increase opt-in rates, without forcing customers to opt-out. Frontier developed a range of behavioural levers, including techniques such as social proof and loss aversion. We helped to trial these options and roll out the most successful.

Our work centres on providing clients with innovative solutions which will lead their customers to change behaviour. We make sure we get a thorough understanding of what customers are doing, but we don’t rely on traditional market research methods such as surveys and focus groups. Instead, we use behavioural science techniques to get a richer picture of what motivates customers, rather than what they say motivates them.

We then use behavioural levers to work with our clients to generate new ideas. We carefully select solutions which pull the relevant behavioural levers, rather than generating ideas that sound interesting but don’t resonate with customers. The new ideas are wide-ranging, including launching new products, using different styles of communication, improved website language and layout, or implementing innovative customer service models.

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