Financial and regulatory modelling

Financial models form a core part of many of our assignments. This includes producing regulatory financial models which are often required for estimating regulated prices or revenues, assessing levels of profitability, or determining financing needs. And we have developed numerous financial models to support business developments and acquisitions.

As well as developing new models for our clients, we are also often asked to provide training for client’s staff (particularly in a regulatory context). This includes delivering training on the use of models we have developed for them or on using the regulator’s models. We can therefore be called upon to produce user manuals, train individuals or run user group workshops. In addition, Frontier provides on-going support to companies that rely on regulatory models to produce business plan submissions or analyse the outcomes of regulatory determinations.

We also undertake Quality Assurance (QA) appraisals for companies and regulators. This includes reviewing specific models as well as performing more general reviews of business plan outputs.

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