Our market design and auction work

The regulations governing the exchange of goods and services have far-reaching implications.  From efficiency in production and consumption to whether the market will be seen as strong enough for private investment and entry.

Market design is complex and must take into account many factors:

  • What are the products and services?
  • Who are the customers?
  • What is the role of regulators and government?
  • Who can take part?
  • What is the impact on related markets?

When designing effective and competitive markets, policymakers and regulators need to understand the incentives that are needed, and to understand the market structures and mechanisms that will deliver them.

We have experience in all aspects of market design and auctions, and we have advised clients on them in a variety of industries.

Recent Work

  • Renewable energy


  • Frontier analyses Swiss electricity market design for Swiss Federal Office of Energy

    The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has today published a Frontier study, which analyses the suitability of the Swiss market designs to guarantee a continuous secure energy supply in the medium and long-term.

  • Frontier comments on the Helm Review of Energy Costs

    Matthew Bell, Director in Frontier’s Public Policy Practice, today provided an instant reaction to Dieter Helm’s eagerly anticipated review of UK energy costs. 

  • Frontier study: ‘green gas’ makes decarbonisation cheaper, safer and more acceptable

    A study by Frontier Economics analysing the contribution that the existing gas infrastructure can make to a (virtually) carbon-neutral German energy system in 2050 was published today in Berlin. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the entire German energy system, the study finds that gas storage facilities will continue to be essential for long-term energy storage, as there is unlikely to be a comparable electricity storage technology available in the foreseeable future.

  • The importance of gas infrastructure for the German Energiewende

    The Association of German Gas Transmission System Operators(FNB Gas e.V.) commissioned Frontier Economics, IAEW, 4 Management und EMCEL to assess cost of using the the existing gas infrastructure for transporting “green gas” as part of a comprehensive Energy transition (“Energiewende”).

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