Helping articulate clear aims and objectives of your charity

We help charities articulate clear and concise sets of objectives and to identify the causal links running from action to achieving these objectives. In economics this is known as the Theory of Change methodology and is widely used in the not-for-profit sector to promote social change. It doesn’t just convey what they do; it expresses the steps through which they can make a difference to their client group.

Charities or voluntary organisations often provide a range of different services to diverse clients. In such circumstances, it is important that the organisation can communicate a clear and impactful statement of its mission. This allows charities to measure their performance and achievements; to focus and prioritise resources; to set future goals and aspirations; or to communicate their message or appeal for donations.

We work with charities to help them articulate their goals and objectives into a clear and purposeful statement of the theory of change.

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