Our public policy work

Governments are under increasing pressure to deliver better results while spending less. Expert economic advice is crucial to developing smarter and more cost-effective policies.

We can provide specialist economic and institutional knowledge. We work closely with governments, public and voluntary sector bodies and businesses to create better policies.

Our teams comprise experts from our UK and European offices who bring together the broadest possible policy and sector knowledge.  Our advice is objective, impartial and reflects the practical realities of delivering better policy. Clients have told us they value our ability to listen to them, and to engage with them and tackle the most difficult issues with clarity and sensitivity.

Frontier Economics gave us invaluable advice not only on insights from behavioural economics but also how we might adapt various techniques for use in our own work and evaluations. They were generous with their time and stimulating to talk to. We’ve since acted on their advice and it’s proved very useful.

Roy Head, CEO - Development International Media (DMI)

We use cutting-edge techniques and behavioural insights to measure the impact of policies on people and businesses and to improve policy design.  Our work often has to stand up to external scrutiny from experts and policy makers. Our clients regularly praise our ability to combine technical expertise with clear and effective communication.

Recent Work

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