Estimating the value of arts and culture

Art and culture deliver benefits to society in many ways and not just monetary benefits. People enjoy them, learn from them and appreciate their intrinsic value. These sectors can also bring real economic gains through investment that supports regeneration and brings together bright people with bright ideas.

3.6 million Europeans were employed in the cultural sectors in 2009, equivalent to 1.7 % of total employment for EU-27 countries.

Eurostat Cultural Statistics, 2011

Frontier regularly works with clients in the arts, culture and creative sectors. We use innovative techniques to deliver effective advice on the impacts and future potential of these rapidly changing areas.

We have examined the creative industries sector intensively to understand how its value to the economy can be quantified and improved. Our recent work found emerging technologies are creating new ways of accessing culture, but that piracy threatens to undermine some potential gains.

Our wider work has highlighted the importance of analytical rigour when deciding where government should spend limited funds.  The need to balance direct impacts on economic growth with wider benefits to society will be a significant debate over the next decade.

76% of English adults engaged in the arts in the last 12 months.

DCMS, Taking Part survey 2012

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