Protecting our environment

We help our clients – governments, regulators, businesses, voluntary bodies and other organisations throughout the world – develop effective policies by understanding the opportunities, challenges and uncertainties around environmental changes.

We are internationally recognised as experts on climate mitigation, including de-carbonisation of electricity generation. We also have cross-sector expertise in advising how communities and organisations can adapt to the impact of extreme weather and climate change.

0.3-4.8 °C projected rise in global temperature by the end of the 21st century

IPCC, 2013

Assessing and designing effective environmental policy is complex. It must tackle the challenges of insufficient information and uncertainty and the complexities of human behaviour. We regularly develop credible tools that tackle these challenges.

Examples of our recent environmental policy analysis include: exploring the impacts of extreme weather and climate change on business and individuals, and where there is a case to help the UK prepare, advising Local Authorities across England on the benefits to their local economies of investing in flood defence, investigating the impact of emissions trading and other market mechanisms, quantifying the costs and benefits of alternative regulatory frameworks, and assessing behavioural responses to measures to reduce demand.

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I was impressed by the flexibility of the Frontier team in delivering the project, the quality of the final report, and the presentation that communicated the work to key stakeholders

David Legg, Economic Adviser, Rural Communities Policy Unit, UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

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