Working in all areas of the justice system

Crime is costly to society. Our work has covered the direct costs of the criminal justice system as well as wider social costs to individuals and communities.

Criminal justice is not short of facts and figures: crime levels, costs of legal aid and re-offending rates. Improving outcomes in this area requires understanding behavioural drivers and the economics of the legal system. We have advised clients on all aspects of criminal justice.

Our clients include government departments and their agencies, as well as the Law Society, regulatory bodies and charities.

We have explored issues ranging from models to reduce re-offending, the demand and supply of lawyers, the price of legal aid, and the regulatory framework.

By working throughout the criminal justice system we can analyse the impact of specific measures on society. Our work focuses on how incentives can lead to a more effective, fair and accessible justice system, as well as understanding how some organisations deliver value for money.


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