Modelling, benchmarking, cost-benefit analysis and other economic tools

We combine sound economics with advanced modelling skills to evaluate the efficiency of costs. This includes using best practice benchmarking techniques, developing a credible evidence-based position on the allowed rate of return and analysing cost drivers. We also use analytical tools, for example based on real options analysis, to consider the implications of uncertainty for decision making.

Frontier has undertaken cost-benefit analysis studies in many sectors, including: energy, telecommunications and transport. Our clients include the European Commission, national regulatory authorities, public institutions and companies. We design transparent decision rules to evaluate the impact of investment projects or other policies. Our experience means we understand the complexities of defining and quantifying benefits.

Our analysis and recommendations make a real difference to decision makers, ensuring they have the strongest evidence at their disposal.

Frontier made a critical contribution to delivering a forceful set of materials. Their contribution has been immense.

Chris Andreou, Heathrow Airport

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