Regulated network industries

Economic regulation is one of Frontier’s main specialisms. Our consultants are experts with in-depth understanding of the latest developments in all regulated network industries: electricity, gas, telecoms (fixed and mobile), aviation, rail, post and water. We have wide experience of regulation throughout the world.

Our expertise covers designing regulatory instruments, modelling incentives, efficiency benchmarking and cost modelling, financial modelling and cost of capital assessment.

We advise regulators and regulated companies in a variety of cases and many of our relationships with clients have been built up over several years. We are experienced both at helping stakeholders make the best of existing regulatory rules and designing rules that achieve specific goals. This includes efficient investment and operating decisions, improved environmental impact and conservation of natural resources or other social objectives.

You have some of the smartest people around and the ability to communicate complex ideas to our stakeholders in a clear, engaging and compelling way.

Matthew Braovac, Head of Public Policy for Fixed Services at Vodafone Group

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