Regulatory strategy, policy and advice

Regulation is unavoidable in modern business life. Frontier’s expertise allows it to help clients shape strategy by providing rigorous economic thinking from a creative perspective. From the regulator’s point of view, regulations must create the incentives for companies to act in an economically and socially desirable way. Frontier uses its creativity and expertise to devise regulations that provide those incentives.

We often present to senior executives and officials but also understand how to make credible arguments accessible to a wide audience. We work with lawyers, engineers, environmental specialists and consumer experts to make sure that regulatory frameworks are considered holistically.

We help clients to develop effective arguments to put to regulators or governments on broad regulatory issues, such as the role of energy networks in delivering low carbon energy sector. Our work is objective and our arguments are based on sound evidence, conveyed persuasively. Often our work involves complex analysis – but we communicate this clearly and simply.

We help to define the results that companies must deliver, and to develop the incentives that  promote these objectives. We provide support with stakeholder engagement, including advice on how to use it effectively in business plans and regulatory frameworks.

I was impressed by the flexibility of the Frontier team in delivering the project, the quality of the final report, and the presentation that communicated the work to key stakeholders.

David Legg, Economic Adviser, Rural Communities Policy Unit, UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

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