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Giving good advice means turning powerful analysis into straightforward, clear, actionable recommendations.  Economics helps Frontier to hone in fast on the behaviour of customers and competitors and help our clients make better commercial decisions.

Thoughtful, insightful and practical, Frontier are the critical friend you'd want on your team.

Sarah Gillard, Head of Strategy, John Lewis

We work with clients in many ways, from undertaking and managing comprehensive reviews of corporate strategy to designing tests for a new proposition. Whatever the assignment, we will always make sure that our advice is grounded in an understanding of the economics of both the market environment and the client’s company. To help us find quickly the right analysis for the right question we adopt a hypothesis-based approach. We typically build the hypotheses with our clients to make sure there is a clear and common understanding of the question being addressed, and of the chosen approach for analysis. We base our strategies on an understanding of the economics of both the environment and the firm.

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