Customers at the heart of strategy

Economics provides powerful tools for analysing and understanding demand; demand for your products and services.

Insight into customer behaviour is a core strength of Frontier where we combine behavioural economics and customer psychology expertise with strengths in data analytics, econometrics and statistical techniques.

We help clients to develop their competitive advantage through customer strategies, including:

Trusted confidentiality and a deep knowledge of the sector combined with an ability to ask probing questions and answer them with rigour gives Frontier an unrivalled edge in helping frame strategic responses

Alan Stewart, CFO, Tesco

  • Identifying the main drivers behind customer behaviour;
  • Developing and assessing real CRM and customer loyalty schemes;
  • Embedding an understanding of customer behaviour in management systems, and ensuring decision-makers know the right ‘levers’ to pull;
  • Developing and executing segmentation strategies for the customer base;
  • Conducting customer switching and retention analysis;
  • Developing and building in-house insight capabilities; and
  • Measuring the price sensitivity of specific customer segments

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