Pro-active regulatory strategy

For many businesses regulation is a serious constraint on commercial decision-making. Changes in, and uncertainty over the future direction of, regulation can complicate strategy formulation and can have significant implications for a firm’s position and its economic model. Having a pro-active regulatory strategy and response capability can be a competitive advantage.

Our wide experience in advising businesses in heavily regulated environments and in helping those before economic regulators and inquiries (such as the Competition and Markets Authority, European Commission, Financial Conduct Authority, etc.) equips us better than anyone in designing robust regulatory strategies including:

  • Regulatory strategy development;
  • Regulatory brand audits;
  • Regulatory risk and scenario assessment; and
  • Support in engaging regulatory authorities and in particular investigations

A deep understanding of competition economics and a real-world understanding of commercial organisations means that Frontier’s advice is second to none.

Niamh Grogan, General Counsel, Visa Europe

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