Smarter networks and retail solutions

Our energy system needs to adapt to meet the policy “trilemma” of delivering secure, affordable and clean energy supplies. An important part of this will be the development and deployment of new smart solutions to maximise capacity and reduce costs, particularly as more demands are placed on the networks.

50+ Members of the energy practice have worked on energy related issues in more than 50 countries and on all continents

Smart meter rollouts are already being adopted across Europe. We have international experience on issues associated with the move to smart meter and network technologies, including working with governments to evaluate how best to implement smart meter policies and with suppliers involved in the roll-out.

Smarter systems will also require new, sophisticated regulatory frameworks and oversight. We have worked extensively on regulatory design issues, particularly in GB where novel approaches to managing the smart meter data and encouraging networks to invest in innovation have been adopted.

Retailers will also play a central role in the move to a smarter future. Energy market players need to learn how to maximise the benefits from a vast increase in the quantity and quality of information and data. New products and tariffs will be available as smart homes develop. Understanding customer behaviour is also essential to achieving policy goals and maximising value. We have worked for policy makers and for industry on issues associated with Demand Side Response, new technology trials, the impact on customers of changing tariff structures and consumer behaviour across both heat and electricity sectors.

We know how to apply the latest economic thinking and theory, in practical contexts, to help our clients achieve their aims.