Best practice regulation

We advise regulators and regulated companies on how best to introduce, implement and adapt to regulation.

Frontier, with their clear analysis and very structured working style, has helped us to shape our internal views and decisions. In those common projects we achieved good and fair regulatory outcomes.

Thomas Kleefuss , former CEO, Net4Gas s.r.o.

Regulators and regulated companies require commercial and strategic advice on how best to introduce, implement and adapt to regulation. Frontier’s approach is grounded in economic analysis and is focused on how regulation can best deliver energy sector priorities.

We have worked successfully for regulators and the companies they regulate across Europe. We have been involved in energy regulation from the early price control reviews in Great Britain, to the introduction of new regimes in Europe and elsewhere.

Our clients have benefitted from our experience advising in multiple regulatory reviews and appeal cases. Regulatory design forms a significant subset of our recent experience. This experience includes having worked extensively on designing regulatory arrangements to support innovation and smart grids. We also provide support to companies and regulators designing incentive mechanisms to promote efficiency and quality improvements.

We use sophisticated modelling tools to look at the components of efficient costs (for example, through using benchmarking techniques) to assess allowed rates of return and to analyse cost drivers. We use real options analysis to consider the implications of uncertainty for decision-making.

Through our experience we help our clients to understand the context in which regulatory frameworks are developed and implemented. We combine our expertise in the economic theory of regulation, on which we have published widely, with our experience of working with different regulatory frameworks throughout Europe.

Clients say we understand what is needed to make credible arguments that are accessible to regulators and government.

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