Helping clients achieve strategic objectives

The energy sector is changing significantly, driven by the policy and regulatory response to pressing environmental challenges. This creates strategic questions and opportunities for energy companies. However, commercial decisions are harder to make in times of such uncertainty.

The fundamental achievement by Frontier is that they understand what they are articulating, can translate it into added value and can deliver value to the client.

Peter Dixon , Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix Energy Holdings
Increasing government interventions in energy markets creates uncertainty, which can increase the risks of investing. We help clients understand policy objectives and how policy may change. We can then support their commercial investment decisions.

In Europe, market integration may increase competition in home markets. We help clients understand market dynamics so they can assess the scale and nature of such effects.

The emergence of infrastructure funds investing in utility assets is challenging traditional ownership models and creating a greater focus on efficient financial management and operational efficiency. We use our expertise in energy market and competition analysis to help clients define strategic priorities and make the right decisions.

We combine our wide geographical experience with a clear understanding of market drivers and rigorous modelling. This helps clients understand the sources of value and risk.