Our environmental work

Environmental issues play an important role in a wide range of commercial and policy decisions. Understanding the associated challenges and opportunities leads to better decisions.

Our economics expertise means that we can help clients understand and respond to environmental challenges and opportunities. We use economic theory and sector expertise to find effective solutions. Our clients include governments, regulators, businesses and voluntary organisations throughout the world.

Our teams have specialist knowledge across a range of environmental matters. We define clear economic frameworks to make complex problems tractable. We then delve into those problems, generate the evidence and analysis needed for making decisions and provide effective solutions.

We use analytical techniques to meet our clients’ needs. These include cost-benefit analysis (both appraisal before implementation and evaluation after), decision-making under uncertainty (such as real options analysis), econometric modeling, multi-criteria analysis, game theory, behavioural economics, case study analysis and contingent valuation.

Recent topics on which we have helped clients mitigate climate change include:

  • Low carbon and renewable energy production;
  • Energy efficiency and smart technologies;
  • Designing and evaluating climate policy;
  • Adapting to climate change;
  • Water resource economics;
  • Transport and the environment; and
  • Designing and evaluating environmental policy.

Recent Work