Low carbon production, including renewables

We show you the best route to a low carbon economy.

Fundación Ciudad de la Energía (CIUDEN), Spain

As part of the Spanish economy’s pursuit of a low carbon economy, CIUDEN is developing a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Plant in León, Spain. The plant, in a coal rich region, is a beneficiary of the European Programme for Economic Recovery and several technology transfer programmes. Frontier analysed the plant’s viability and developed alternative proposals for promoting CCS in Spain that complied with the regulations on state aid.

We are at a pivotal point in the investment cycle.  Governments are looking to transform Europe’s energy systems. High on the EU agenda is increasing investment in green energy and upgrading the infrastructure to meet future energy demands.

Governments are also seeking to boost manufacturing growth, invest in transport infrastructure and increase economic growth.  These policies interact with the development of a low carbon economy.

Our approach is defined by economics. We blend this with innovative thinking, quantitative techniques, financial modelling and sector expertise. Importantly, we also draw on the common sense that comes from wide experience of the needs of major companies and public policy makers. Working internationally and across different sectors – including the energy sector (power, gas and heat), transport (aviation and road transport) and industrial production – we can both paint the “big picture” and provide detailed analysis.

Our clients – industry, regulators, network operators, generators, suppliers and investors – regularly benefit from our expertise and experience.

Committee on Climate Change, UK

To inform the CCC’s advice on the Fifth Carbon Budget, we analysed policies to deliver district heating in the UK and assessed the potential benefits associated with locally based approaches.