Advising clients in retail, SME and wholesale banking

This includes all major product areas and channels. We also work on risk management and strategy, and on other corporate centre functions such as competition and legal.

Game-changing propositions. Frontier helped develop radical proposals in the major retail banking markets. Not the usual incremental change or product development, but completely new approaches. Frontier helped stretch thinking, not just on how products are designed and delivered, but also on how markets work. We combined consumer insight with economic modelling which allowed the client to conduct controlled customer trials. The bank used these insights to develop both its product strategy and its dialogue with regulators.

We help our banking clients with issues ranging from better understanding customer behaviour (for instance, through the practical application of behavioural economics) to designing and testing new commercial and service propositions.

We help banks assess the economics of branch networks and specific formats, drawing upon our experience with other retailers. We conduct full strategic reviews, including choices for acquisitions and disposals.

Frontier's rigorous, analytic approach provides a valuable independent perspective to work with the in-house team on important and complex issues.

Norman Blackwell, Chairman, Lloyds Banking Group