Helping insurers and re-insurers

We support clients across the full range of insurance and re-insurance markets, including general, life and pensions.

We work on actuarial analysis, product development, sales, underwriting and claims management. Our advice is not just theoretical – we help clients take a more structured approach to using financial and customer information, to better understand the roots of changes in business performance, and to improve their corporate decisions.

Loss claim defence. Frontier advised an insurance company that was contesting a claim for loss of profits made by a manufacturer of industrial and farming equipment. We statistically estimated the extent to which the failed equipment was caused by manufacturing deficiencies or sub-standard raw materials. Our client used the analysis to mount a successful defence.

We help clients with regulation and litigation support, efficiency analysis and proposition design. We use root-cause analysis, financial modelling, simulation techniques, behavioural economics, customer lifetime value modelling, econometrics and market analyses.  We use these to give clear, evidence-based advice.  Our techniques are complex but our advice is clear.