Public policy

Our financial services team is at the heart of the evolving policy landscape in financial services at both national and EU levels, with particular recent focus on:

  • the future of personal current accounts and overdraft pricing;
  • the increasing digitisation of services, and the move towards ‘robo-advice’;
  • the policy implications of UK structural reforms, for example, Scottish independence and Brexit;
  • the implementation of PSD2;
  • the UK long-term savings landscape; and
  • the lessons of behavioural economics for policy development.

We support clients on all aspects of public policy relating to their business. We do this by helping them move the debate forward, supporting direct conversations with government, or helping clients to understand how policy changes may affect their business and what to do as a result.

We also work directly with Government departments and regulators on policy development.

Some of the notable issues we’ve worked on recently include:

  • the payday lending price cap in the UK;
  • the economic impact of private equity and venture capital across Europe;
  • the financial advice market review by the UK Treasury and Financial Conduct Authority;
  • Brexit; and
  • Basic Bank Accounts in the UK.