Our healthcare work

Our societies are growing older and we live longer. Demands on the healthcare system are therefore increasing and are more complex. We expect better quality, more compassionate healthcare service for the money we spend on it and we are beginning to understand the critical importance of good mental health alongside physical health. These are both a testimony of good healthcare systems and a challenge for them.

Governments and regulators around the world have been trying to deliver better healthcare systems for less. Frontier provides economic advice on how to design such better functioning and more efficient healthcare systems as well as advice to providers on how to navigate them with success.

We regularly advise providers, governments, commissioners and regulators about how healthcare services can be more effective and efficient.  This includes advising widely across the English National Health Service (NHS), as well as work in France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and elsewhere. We have worked closely with governments on the costs and benefits of hospital mergers and of service redesign.  We have also worked with charities to understand their efforts to improve healthcare services while reducing costs.

We understand how providers operate in economic, financial and clinical terms. This allows us to assess the impacts of service changes that providers consider undertaking.  We focus on understanding impacts on patients and the public, and on the role of pricing, contracts and commissioning in delivering better care.

We consider patient wellbeing an important part of the assessment of a healthcare system. We supported commissioners and providers in their understanding of the impact of service redesign on patient outcomes, including wellbeing.

Frontier’s analysis has allowed us to understand and clearly communicate our benefits. Their rigour is widely recognised across the public sector.

Ruth Owen, CEO, Whizz-Kidz

Recent Work