Plan your A&E activity

With the winter coming, A&E managers and commissioners alike will be keeping a watchful eye over A&E activity and the corresponding resource requirements. Some have predicted a meltdown of catastrophic proportions. We think a lot can be done to avoid such scenarios from unfolding. Better readiness for the activity to come is a start.

Demands on A&E are higher than ever, so this was a really important piece of work. When we modelled A&E demand, we were struck by the predictable nature of many peaks and troughs in activity. This provides a really useful basis for NHS planning.

Michael Ridge, Director Frontier Economics

Despite popular belief that A&E activity is impossible to predict, our modelling showed a number of strong general trends that influence A&E activity on any given day. We have produced calendars for A&E attendances and admissions for the coming year that should help A&E managers and commissioners prepare.

We are aware that each A&E will face specific pressures based on the type of services that are provided locally, its specific demographics, the weather swings, etc. Our model is capable of handling this level of complexity. Do get in touch if you would like to know more or would like us to develop a more localised activity predictor for you.


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