Enabling competition in media markets

Technology has enabled entry in many markets and thus encouraged competition. However, market power can still exist and, where it does, firms’ behaviour is constrained by competition policy.

We have a deep understanding of the technologies and consumer behaviours that drive competition, whether in traditional print and broadcasting markets or in emerging markets. So we can give first rate economic analysis which is tailored to each market and competition issue. We build credible arguments which are based on economic theory and supported by strong evidence. We support our clients and legal counsel by providing a mix of strategic advice and technical support. We assist in pre-empting issues, producing and responding to technical analysis, preparing client submissions and expert reports, and in giving oral evidence.

Our media practice has advised clients on:

  • mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • market investigations
  • abuse of a dominant position
  • horizontal and vertical agreements
  • claims for damages

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