Creating successful strategies

Broadcasters and media outlets must find new ways to connect with customers. The internet has revolutionised the availability of content to consumers. However, in a world of almost unlimited choice, consumer loyalty is vital. Providers need to find new ways to build and maintain that loyalty.

We help broadcasters and media publishers connect with customers and create long-lasting relationships. We identify clients’ competitive strengths and analyse the behaviour of their customers. We draw on theories of behavioural economics and consumer psychology, a strong understanding of how competition in media markets develops and, most of all, on an analysis of data. We use these tools to provide insight into how consumers behave. We then work with clients to develop and implement successful commercial strategies.

We work on:

  • identifying optimal pricing strategies and developing new pricing models;
  • unlocking the commercial value of customer data;
  • creating customer engagement strategies;
  • strategic planning in rapidly changing markets; and
  • identifying and protecting the sources of competitive advantage.

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