Tracking successful business performance

Assessing the impacts of business levers requires a detailed understanding of what’s happening at the coalface. We use economic logic and evidence-based analysis to reveal business performance in fine detail. We will often examine a client’s data in innovative ways to highlight performance factors not previously considered.

This is the second interaction I've had with Frontier, covering both regulation and commercial strategy. In terms of reputation, you're up there with the best.

Peter Cattell, Petrol Director, Tesco

Our work assesses a wide range of business performance:

  • Store performance and network assessment: We use econometric analysis to understand store performance. For example, we break down store performance by local competitor set, location type, format size and local demographics.
  • Relative competitive performance assessment: We assess business performance relative to that of competitors by looking at the key factors that drive trading figures.
  • Economic cost and revenue analysis: We conduct detailed analysis of costs, often using tools such as economic profit and marginal cost accounting that shed light on the business’s performance.
  • Customer service level review: We review customer behaviour to help understand its impact on the business. We look at mystery shopping, in-store availability, customer service levels, staff performance and other criteria. Examples range from reviews of counters, service desks and ATMs in retail stores to ‘priority’ boarding services at airports.
  • Supply chain: We help clients assess supply chains, often using competitive value chain analysis to examine relative buyer power. We also conduct cost price analysis on, for example, input prices and help commercial teams make better decisions in negotiations.
  • Major procurement decisions: We help clients assess major procurement decisions through economic assessment of contract design and incentive mechanisms. We objectively assess relative bargaining power.
  • Improved decision-making: We help clients improve their decision-making and their ability to respond commercially by using better management information (MI) and key performance indicators. We help clients restructure their board MI and develop new score cards.

Reshaping the portfolio

We worked with a leading European retailer on its programme for new stores. This required a detailed analysis of the performance of existing stores, with an analysis of competitor performance and plans. We identified customer trends, built scenarios using game theory and modelled alternative strategies. Our client has now made substantial changes to their investment programme and to their stores.