Pulling the right levers

Our approach makes sure that the underlying economic drivers of a client’s business are clearly established. This is fundamental to making sure that the business interventions (or levers) that are applied deliver the desired results.

We help clients use commercial and customer insight to design winning propositions. This can vary from designing and assessing game-changing retail banking innovations to the economics of retail products and services.

Test first before pulling.

Our client, a leading electronics retailer in Europe and the USA, came to us with a new store concept. One they felt would address both its customers’ rising expectations and need for specialist advice when faced with the increased complexity of many core products. We helped them review the customer evidence that they had collected and to design benchmarked field tests of the concept in a sample of stores. The insights and results led to changes to the concept before it was introduced into stores.

We develop and review pricing strategies and policies. We analyse competitive pricing dynamics and design guidelines for commercial teams.

We design experiments or trials for promotions strategies, new propositions, pricing and formats. This makes sure they provide the best possible foundation for making better decisions.

Our work is underpinned by a deep understanding of customer psychology and behaviour.  Understanding how customers are thinking, specifically their conscious and unconscious behaviour, is critical in helping to identify where our clients have points of advantage and which levers they can pull to exploit those advantages.