Applying competition policy in technology markets

Applying competition policy in technology markets presents challenges. Those markets are fast moving, which means that understanding, articulating and quantifying the effects of market conduct can be difficult. However, applying competition policy appropriately is as important in new technology markets as it is in mature markets.

At Frontier we help competition authorities and firms develop and apply competition policy in technology markets. We do this by combining the latest economic theory with rigorous analysis of data and a deep understanding of market dynamics.

We have helped clients create persuasive arguments based on our understanding of the economic features of technology markets, and have extensive expertise in applying  competition policy tools. We know that significant market positions can be quickly built, and network effects can hinder entry. However, rapid innovation means that market positions can be quickly eroded.

We recognise that technology enables firms to build platforms that connect markets. This means that existing models of pricing or competition may not apply. We also understand how competition authorities can shape emerging technologies, such as big data and other intangible assets.

Frontier helps clients articulate the dynamics of competition in technology markets. We apply economic theory and analysis of data so they can persuasively put their case to competition authorities in:

  • mergers and joint ventures in new technology and digital markets;
  • assessing abuse of dominance allegations;
  • market investigations;
  • anti-competitive agreements; and
  • private damages and enforcement.