Shaping technology and innovation policy

Technology and innovation are the keys to sustained prosperity – for businesses, workers, and nations. They are also highly dynamic. The pace and reach of economic transformation from today’s digital technologies creates a new set of challenges for governments. But opportunities have never been brighter. Public policy can play a critical role in supporting – or impeding – technological progress and innovation.

We have helped clients in the public and private sectors navigate technological change, advising stakeholders on how to encourage and reward technological progress and innovation. We frequently assess the impact of technology and innovation on economic growth, productivity, the labour market, industries, consumers, and households.

We help public authorities design effective and technology and innovation policies, and help technology firms, adopters, innovators, and other stakeholders to make their case to policymakers persuasively. Our technology practice has advised on research and policy issues on many topics: biotechnology, renewable energy, e-commerce, venture capital, innovation-driven SMEs, research and development, information and communications, and emerging digital technologies, to name a few.

We provide clients with:

  • economic research, modelling and impact assessments;
  • policy analysis and programme evaluation;
  • cost-benefit analysis;
  • framework development;
  • econometric and statistical analysis; and
  • strategic advice.

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