Regulating technology markets

Technology is an engine for economic growth, and also impacts on society.  Governments, regulators and policy makers rightly have an interest in making sure that technology markets can deliver benefits to consumers, and that control over technology does not hinder economic and social development. Frontier’s expertise helps to shape regulation in technology markets.

Technological innovation presents novel and difficult issues for regulators. It allows firms to quickly build scale and strong market positions; to develop synergies across a range of markets and exploit access to customers; or simply disrupt existing markets.  To meet these challenges regulators need to act nimbly and flexibly to ensure positive outcomes for consumers and society.

At Frontier we understand that good regulations tackle real market concerns; are proportionate to the potential harm; and support continued investment and innovation. However, harmful regulations can impose high costs, reduce investment, and protect interest groups.

Frontier uses analytical tools and the latest economic thinking to help regulators and firms devise regulatory strategies that meet the challenges and opportunities of technology markets.

  • we have helped our clients understand and articulate the drivers for, and underlying market dynamics of, a wide range of emerging digital and other technologies.
  • we have explained and quantified the policy, social or economic concerns that might prompt regulation in smart grid networks.
  • we have helped clients think about the implications of existing and emerging regulatory issues on data privacy and security.
  • we have helped firms articulate the costs and implications of technology regulations on medical technologies.
  • we have quantified the costs of net neutrality regulation on consumers, specific firms, and wider markets.