Using technology to stay ahead in your market

Technology markets are dynamic, yet require long-term investments in products, customers and distribution. Frontier helps clients use digital and technology innovations to stay closer to their customers and ahead of their rivals.

If technology is important in your business, a successful corporate strategy needs a clear understanding of how technology transforms and enhances existing markets -and creates new ones.

Frontier believes that technological and digital innovations do not change the fundamental principles of how to maintain and grow markets: successful businesses are better at leveraging their competitive advantage; building relationships with customers; understanding their cost base; and anticipating and acting on changes in market demand. But we also know they are a critical tool for companies that want to get ahead.

We have a deep understanding of technology markets, and use a sharp analytical focus to help clients build successful strategies that embrace new technology and its challenges. Our technology practice has helped clients:

  • understand the market opportunities and threats presented by technology, such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence;
  • use technology to improve or lower costs of their supply, procurement and distribution chains;
  • use technology and data strategies to enable a broadcaster to attract new viewers, and build loyalty from existing ones; and
  • use the new technological tools of “big data” to bring insights to customer behaviour, and a firmer understanding of how consumers behave online.