Designing effective commercial and financial strategies

Commercial imperatives drive telecommunications providers to merge with or acquire other firms, to reassess pricing and channel strategies or to renegotiate with their suppliers. When doing this, firms rely on high quality due diligence and market analysis. A deep understanding of the commercial and regulatory environment is necessary to appropriately value potential opportunities and develop suitable strategies.

We have a very strong relationship – very open and honest.

Andrew Heaney. Executive Director, Strategy and Regulation, Talk Talk

We draw on the broad expertise of our telecommunications and strategy teams to tailor advice.  Our tool set is bespoke for each project. It includes market assessments to understand the competitive, regulatory and commercial market dynamics, the design of business plans and models which reflect the client’s strategy, and assessing and quantifying transaction risks.

Our work with telecommunications clients across the globe gives us the crucial understanding of the local and regional circumstances that impact on clients’ strategic decisions. We can also use our business modelling and accounting expertise to analyse regulatory and financial accounting information. This means we can provide our clients with financially sound and valuable solutions.

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