Addressing competition concerns

There is growing competition in many telecommunications markets that have historically been regulated. In these markets, competition law is increasingly relied upon to tackle potential anti-competitive behaviour rather than ex-ante regulation.

The increased competition is in part due to the convergence of telecommunications and broadcasting turning firms in these sectors into direct rivals. With further convergence expected it is likely that competition law will become even more important.

You are flexible and innovative when considering the best approach. This is key for working with us as we are a small jurisdiction so have distinct issues which require original thinking.

Stephen Bereaux, Director of Policy and Regulation, URCA

We bring together our competition policy expertise and our deep understanding of telecommunications markets to assist clients to assess the specific issues relevant to them. We have wide experience in all areas of competition policy and analysis. This includes market definition and competition assessment, merger analysis, abuse of market power, horizontal and vertical agreements, and state aid.

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