Delivering effective regulation

Rapid technological development and evolving competition mean that regulators regularly need to assess the competitive dynamics in each market and adjust or withdraw regulation where necessary.

You have some of the smartest people around and the ability to communicate complex ideas to our stakeholders in a clear, engaging and compelling way.

Matthew Braovac, Head of Public Policy for Fixed Services at Vodafone Group

Regulatory remedies have expanded to reflect the changes in the market. The traditional tools of price control and obligations to supply are now complemented with new tools such as ‘equivalence’ of wholesale products or margin squeeze tests.

We have worked with regulators, fixed and mobile operators and access seekers on a wide range of market reviews and remedies. Our market analysis work relies on assessment of the local competitive environment to provide insight on the specific markets we consider. When advising on remedies we make sure that our advice reflects the broader regulatory situation and that it builds on the underlying economic models, rather than attempting to apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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