Developing regulatory frameworks

Apparently insatiable consumer demand for improved broadband services is requiring large investments in the next generations of fixed and mobile networks. This has increased uncertainty for all operators. The business case for many of these new investments is not yet clear and the shift to competition based on these new networks risks over-turning established business models that rely on the existing networks.

Government and regulatory policies need to provide the right incentives for efficient investments by all operators, using market forces where appropriate to achieve this, and protecting consumers’ interests where relevant. The key challenge is to find a framework that balances the different objectives.

50% By 2020 half of European households should subscribe to ultra-fast connections of 100Mbps or higher: Digital Agenda for Europe target.

We support policymakers when they are developing frameworks that reflect the local circumstances. We also support operators when they want to explain their understanding of the impact of policy on market outcomes. For example, we have worked with regulators that have sought to promote end-to-end investment by competing next generation broadband networks, as well as with those who have chosen to focus on competition at the service level by setting appropriate terms for access to network infrastructure. We have also been at the cutting edge of policy development seeking to mobilise investment in mobile.

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