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Could self-care save the NHS?

The NHS is marking its 70th birthday. It’s fair to say there are concerns about its health. Sporting the scars of persistent financial pressures, we need to find ways to reduce the burden we place on it.

In this bulletin, we look in more detail at a trend that is receiving more and more attention: Self-care – re-focus from after-the-fact treatment to preventive care and lifestyle changes.

There is evidence that self-care habits increase our quality of life, and can dramatically ease the financial strain on the health system. So why aren’t more of us doing it well? And what can be done to help us to take better care of ourselves?

We try to answer these questions by looking at our behaviour and what needs to be addressed to improve self-care. We ask what role education and technology could play, what other social factors influence our “health behaviour” and discuss potential measures of success.

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