Supporting working parents

Successive UK governments have invested growing sums in early childhood education and care (ECEC) over the past 20 years. International evidence suggests that such investments can help parents to participate in the labour
markets and strengthen the foundation for future learning for pre-school children.

But there is considerable debate whether the policy approaches and the nature of ECEC in the UK have generated substantial benefits. Over the past decade, Frontier Economics has been involved in a wide range of
projects assessing the costs and benefits of childcare policy and early education in the UK. This brief provides an overview of recent policy developments and
discusses Frontier’s role in the government’s latest flagship programme – the provision nationwide of 30 hours free childcare. Dr Gillian Paull from Frontier Economics will deliver a keynote address on the first year of the scheme at the Childcare Works National Progress Sharing conference on Tuesday 20th March.

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